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Victoria Gariepy and Angela Gerou are both hotel owners in Munising, Michigan. And make no mistake … when it comes to bed bugs, they are the toughest girls in town.

Unfortunately, in the hospitality business, bed bugs have become an increasingly debilitating problem. Too often over the past year, they had heard of area hotel owners discovering that one or more of their rooms had an infestation of bed bugs.

The options available for management of this problem are slim to none with the wait times for help lasting weeks, so Vicki and Ang decided to do something about it.


Together, Vicki and Angela have over 30 years under their belts in the hospitality business. That means they understand how upsetting it is to find out your location has bed bugs.

Their goal in creating this business is to not only quick step the eradication process but to educate you and help prevent further cases.

As you can see from the photo, they are real sticks in the mud, but they are here to help you, nonetheless.


Once they decided to take on the mission of providing fast, reliable service for bed bug problems, they set about educating themselves. The research began online and moved to the classroom.

Lady Killer Pest Control is currently certified in Commercial Pesticide Application in the State of Michigan and will be continuing the certification process to expand the business services into other pest control areas.

The Dogs

Hotels, motels, hospitals, long term healthcare facilities, and homeowners can now benefit from the extremely accurate detection of bed bugs that only a bed-bug detection dog can offer!

Learn about our Canine Bed Bug Protection here.


The final brick in the wall against bed bugs is the equipment. After researching the most reliable way to solve this problem while keeping the environment in mind, Vicki and Angela learned that an extreme heat method was best.

Lady Killers Bed Bug Management uses brand new, top of the line equipment along with an all natural, environmentally friendly deterrent in the bed bug removal process.

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