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Residential pest control

We see our company as family. We see our customers as an extension of our family. We see pests as… well, let’s just say they’re not part of the family.

Point being, we take our commitment to protect you and your family very seriously. That’s why we offer the highest-trained professionals to handle all your residential pest control concerns. For over five years, Lady Killers Pest Control has taken care of families just like yours, keeping their homes free from pest infestation. Lady Killers Pest Control provides a wide variety of home and apartment pest control services to defend you from ants, roaches, rodents, termites or any other harmful pests, all while protecting the environment too.

Our commitment to you and your family is real. Our concern for the environment is too. We know you want a nuisance pest-free environment which we offer through our Custom Service Programs —using only the materials needed to do the job, and using the least impactful products for the environment. Oh, and we’re getting rid of those pesky pests, too. That’s it.

To get the ball rolling schedule a pest inspection with one of our trained specialists today.


We will do a quick phone assessment and arrange an appointment at your property.


We will discuss your pest problem, arrange a survey, and provide a quote and recommendations.


Our certified specialists will come out to provide your treatment.


We'll make as many visits as required to ensure your problem is resolved.

Common pests in the house

A variety of pests can be found in or around the home, and our dependable specialists are trained and prepared to get them out. If you have seen any of the pests below at your property, reach out to us online or call Vicki (906) 202-0812 or Ang (920) 737-8349 to give us more details about the issue. We will come out and implement treatment that removes the problem. We can help you tackle common pests such as:


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